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VapeCal UK was created by BangJuice® - and we're hosting a monthly competition where you can WIN FREE E LIQUID that will keep you vaping for a loooong time.

Curious and wanna participate? Keep on reading then sign up for free below.

The Prizes

Each winner can get their hands on a limited edition, customized BangJuice® flavour box. Each box contains 7 BangJuice® flavours of your own choice. Boxes usually retail for €100-€150 each, so don't miss out!

free e liquid black flavour box collection
the red flavour box from BangJuice® vape juice that you can win for free
the brown e liquid flavour box you can win for free from BangJuice®
The green flavour box up for grabs for competition winners, for free

How To participate

Joining the competition is SUPER easy to do. There are two easy steps:

  1. Join our community Facebook page for even MORE competitions and giveaways
  2. Use the sign up form below by entering your first name and email (only one entry is allowed)

As soon as you've done this, you're signed up to our free e liquid competition that runs every month!

Three Winners

Three winners are selected at the end of each month, every single month. Participants can subscribe via the sign up form below.

Enter The Competition FREE

First, join the community Facebook page for even MORE competitions and giveaways. Then, fill out your details:

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We’ll never share your details. See our Privacy Policy. Three winners are drawn at random and announced at the end of the month.

How Winners Are Selected

Three winners are selected at random once per month with a randomized number generator. Every winner is contacted at the end of the month. If you do happen to be one of the lucky ones, please reply to our email within 7 days! We send one reminder to winning participants.

Terms & Conditions

Flavour Box Competition entrants must be 18 years old or older. One entry per contestant. Each entrant must reside in an EU Member State, the United States of America (excluding Virgin Islands), Canada, Australia, or New Zealand.

For more information, please refer to our terms and conditions for the legal mumbo jumbo of the monthly competition 😁 Good luck!

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