VapeCal was set up by BangJuice® to help our vape community get the perfect blend of flavour and cloud... Our mission was to make sure you also experience explosive taste in every step of your vape journey!

We are from Germany but are starting to pop up all over Europe! So make sure to ask about BangJuice® in your local store 😜

Giving Back

The BangJuice® community is over 50,000 strong globally, so for every newcomer we wanted to also offer them a chance to experience explosive taste. To give back, we've started a free monthly competition!

The Competition

What does this mean? We run a monthly competition where you can win a limited edition, customized BangJuice® flavour box. Each box can be won once a month simply by subscribing to our newsletter.

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We’ll never share your details. See our Privacy Policy. Three winners are drawn at random and announced at the end of the month.

How Winners Are Selected

Three winners are selected at random once per month with a randomized number generator. Every winner is contacted at the end of the month. If you do happen to be one of the lucky ones, please reply to our email within 7 days! We send one reminder to winning participants.

Please see our competition page for additional details on the monthly competition and the Terms & Conditions for entering.

From The Team

Yo! Thanks for all the support. If you want to follow our journey online you can follow our crew on Instagram. Please shoot us a message if you have some recommendations or need some help.

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